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Shaykh Yusha Evans , Missionary Story of Embracing Islam

"He was amazed and fascinated by the Qur'an was reading. Yusha so convinced of the truth contained in the Holy Scriptures"

One day in the summer of 1996 . Yusha Evans , a young missionary arrival of a friend named Benjamin . He never thought that his presence would shake his faith . An unexpected question posed makes her give up her faith as a Christian .
'' Did you ever read the entire Bible ? '' Tanya Benjamin .
'' What do you mean ? I am a Christian missionary , and how can you ask me ? '' Said Yusha .
'' Did you ever read the Bible like reading a novel : to know the characters in it , knowing the plot and its place and know all the details of it ? ''
Yusha claimed to have never read the Bible that way . Benjamin then challenged him to read the Bible from beginning to end . He asked her to read the Bible for several months and did not touch any other book, except the Bible .
Yusha then start reading the Bible from Genesis 1:1 . He was very interested in the stories of the prophets . In the Bible , Noah is told that convey God's revelation , but none of his people who follow his call . Then God punishes people by bringing in the flood of Noah's great , and only Noah and those who came on board were saved .
After the flood , as told in the Bible , Noah drank the wine and come out drunk . Yusha deeply surprised why Noah a messenger of God could be like that .
'' There may be such a prophet . So I know why people do not listen to Noah what he says , because he was drunk , " said Yusha disappointed .
Yusha resumed his reading . The deeper reading , more and more he found gaps in the Bible . Some prophets who read the story just did not reflect it as a messenger of God's prophets . They even like the criminals , who actually wanted by the police .
He is also very curious . Yusha then asked the priest at the church where at mass . He questioned many things . However Yusha not get a satisfactory answer . The pastors who met said , '' Do a little science affect his belief in Jesus . ''
Yusha requested to not have to learn everything . He asked just enough to believe only in what is taught . A number of pastors asked him not to read the Old Testament . The reason , the Bible is no longer in use . They asked him to read the New.
In the New Testament , Yusha find a verse that mentions that Jesus said God is one . And it continues to be repeated in the next verse and letters in a different way . Just as the teachings of Moses in the 10 Commandments , the first thing is commanded to worship Allah and nothing else .
Yusha then find out about Jesus . He found the verse that says that Jesus ordered the same thing : the worship of one God . Increasingly passionate curiosity . He began questioning her about the crucifixion of Jesus . In the teachings that he received at the hands of Jesus nailed .
In his heart appeared uncertainty . Yusha argues , it is very silly . Someone who cross his palm will not last long at the top of the pole . He also expressed his opinion that the pastors . Instead of getting an answer , he is forbidden to do Christian sermons in his church .
When the condition of his faith is shaky , Benjamin returned to Yusha . '' I have read the Bible many times . Alitab was also printed many times , but always there is still writing . In fact , God is perfect . Creation was perfect and his book also to be perfect , '' said Benjamin .
Since that day , Yusha off Christianity as a religion that believes . He decided to leave his religion and choose to search for other religions . He studied Buddhism and some other religions , including Islam . Yusha also had to read a book about Islam , but it did not make him happy . He ultimately did not follow any of the religions of the world .
'' Lord , if You will not give me a clue , then I 'll find my own way , '' Yusha offer up a prayer . At that time , he was 17 years old .

Yusha Evans was born and raised in South Carolina , United States . He was raised by grandparents ( American Indians ) and grandmother ( Ireland ) are very conservative . Grandfather and grandmother always taught to pray before meals , before bed , should not turn on loud music , do not bring women to the home .'' That's what I learned in Sunday school , '' said Yusha . Her childhood was spent with her grandmother and grandfather . The age of 14 years old , her grandmother took Yusha to a Saturday service which is completely different to what happened in Sunday school .
There they play football , volleyball , basketball . In service Saturday , Yusha also find lots of food , cake , and candy . In kahir meeting , the pastor who led the event began giving teachings about religion . He really liked it , because the place was like a normal school .
When he was 15 years old , grandmother Yusha commonly asked young priest served in the church to deliver his favorite grandson to school . Yusha not have a driving license ( SIM ) , so it should not drive a car alone . Pastor who was three years older than Yusha it became his best friend .
Together the young priest , Yusha invited to a youth association called " Life Teen " . This association was not as usual associations . '' The group as you can see on television . There were people singing and playing the guitar . Sermon is conducted in a group that does not like a church sermon . In delivering his sermon , he ( pastor ) yelling loudly and deliver it directly to the people . ''
It is very interesting for Yusha . They teach Christianity in a way that is different from that learned as a child. The age of 16 , he already knows what he wants . Yusha wanted to be a missionary . As a perfectionist , he wanted to explore Christianity as a whole . When she wants something , then what he did should be resolved .

One day , Yusha went to New York with some friends . In the biggest cities in the world , he ran out of money and decided to take money from an automated teller machine ( ATM ) . When taking the money , he was robbed by armed men .
The incident made
​​him so scared , so the day was also Yushakembali to his grandmother's house . He did not tell the events that happened to his grandmother . He kept it , until finally getting nightmares .
In the dream , the person who robbed him at an ATM then shot him dead . Then , he saw something was waiting on the other side of life . He did not mengetahuinya.Yusha very frightened . He awoke from his dream screaming .
The grandmother came and asked , '' Why are you yelling ? Then , Yusha told him everything , about the robbery and the dreams they experienced .
'' God has a plan for you , believe me , '' said the grandmother .
'' So what do I do ? " She said .
"You have to come back to Him . You have to look for him . "
Yusha was dazed . He was looking for God everywhere , but did not find it . Her grandmother said , '' God will not go anywhere , you just have to find it . '' Grandmother told him not to come back to church , just ask him to seek the Lord .
Yusha began to be agnostic : the belief in God , but do not subscribe to any religion . He prayed in his own way . He was bored with it and finally begging God , "If you want me to know Thee , Lead me then . "
Since then , she does not want to hear anymore what to believe. Tusha want to see what to believe. He had read many books and books of other religions , but none of them are in accordance with what is believed by him .

Until one day , Yusha visited the house of a friend named Moses who are Muslims . Over the years Yusha know , he did not realize that his friend is a Muslim . During the meeting , they talked about religion . From there , Yusha acquainted with true Islam .
Because it does not believe in the existence of the Islamic community in the neighborhood , African-American friend who was invited Yusha Muslim to the mosque , a great place to ask about Islam . Yusha had never realized that there is a mosque in their neighborhood . Moreover, it's not far from the church .
" And I did not realize it ! " He said .
He then visited the mosque . While we were waiting for Moses , a man approached her and asked , '' What are you doing here ? ''
'' I'm waiting for Moses . ''
'' Moses was not too often come to the mosque . However , if you want to see the mosque , I will be happy to deliver you . ''
Initially . Yusha feel scared . It never occurred to him to go to the mosque . During this time , his thoughts about Islam is very bad , but he was treated very well .
He went into the mosque and listen to the sermon . Initially , it was thought that the pronunciation of verses in Arabic presented preacher intending to kill him . However , when the preacher translate Arabic sentences , Yusha realize what the preacher said it was about worshiping God is one .
After Friday prayers , he went to the preacher and asked , '' What were you doing before? ''
'' Earlier we were praying , worshiping God . ''
When the preacher was about to explain to Yusha about Islam , he was immediately interrupted , '' I do not want explanations . I want proof . If your religion is true , then prove it . ''
His grandfather once told Yusha . When people claim something is true , it is necessary to proof . Because Yusha ask for proof of the preacher , he was then taken to his room . Khatib was given the Qur'an , the Muslim holy book . Yusha then take it home and read it .
He was amazed and fascinated by the Qur'an was reading. For three days , he could not stop reading it . He was so convinced of the truth contained in the Koran . The guidance of Allah SWT radiating from his heart . Yusha was determined to become a Muslim .Yusha back to the mosque and see the preacher . Then he said , '' I want to be a Muslim . "
'' You have to understand one other thing if you want to become a Muslim . You should know about the Prophet Muhammad . ''
Yusha also read about the story of the Prophet Muhammad . He also believes Muhammad as God's messenger . In December 1998 , whose real name Yusha Joshua finally embraced Islam . '' I bear witness that there is no god but Allah . I also testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God . ''
Since then , he learned of a number of Islamic scholars in Egypt and the United States . Now , Yusha became a preacher and lecturer . Muslims in the land of Uncle Sam called him , Sheikh Yusha Evans . He submissive in the cause of Allah , by spreading the teachings of Islam .

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Gemar Sedekah, 19 Tahun Dikubur Jenazah Siti Masrinah Masih Utuh

TUBAN (voa-islam.com) - Penggalian makam untuk perluasan masjid yang berada di area makam Syekh Asy'ari, Desa Bejagung, Kecamatan Semanding, Kabupaten Tuban menggegerkan warga. Pasalnya, dalam penggalian area pemakaman itu ditemukan adanya satu jenazah yang digali masih dalam keadaan utuh, Sabtu (17/08/2013).
Jenazah yang masih utuh meski telah dimakamkan selama 19 tahun itu adalah almarhumah Siti Masrinah, yang meninggal pada tahun 1994 dengan usia saat itu 84 tahun. Almarhumah Masrinah merupakan warga Desa Penambangan, Kecamatan Semanding, yang dikuburkan di area makam Syekh Asy'ari atau yang dikenal dengan Sunan Bejagung.
Pada saat menggali makam Siti Masrimah itu, Munasir, penggali makam merasa kaget karena papan penutup jenazah masih kondisi utuh.
Meski mengetahui papan penutup jenazah masih utuh, Munasir bersama dengan tiga orang lain juru penggali kubur di tempat tersebut tetap meneruskan penggaliannya. Sehingga mengetahui bahwa kondisi kain kafan jenazah Siti Masrinah tidak mengalami kerusakan sama sekali.
"Tidak seperti jenazah yang lainnya, saat digali papannya masih utuh. Setelah saya lihat ternyata jenazahnya juga masih utuh bersama dengan kain kafannya," ujar Munasir (50), kepala penggali kubur di makam Desa Bejagung, Kecamatan Semanding, Tuban.
Keluarga mendiang Hj Siti Masrinah, pun angkat bicara. Mereka membeberkan kebiasaan almarhumah semasa hidupnya. Salah satunya adalah almarhum gemar membaca Al-quran dan berdzikir kepada Allah.
“Waktu itu penerangan tidak seperti sekarang, Ibu malam-malam suka baca Al quran menggunakan senter,” kata Kusnan Hariyadi (61), menantu mendiang.
Kusnan, yang merupakan suami dari anak ke 5 mendiang, yaitu Siti Sumini, menambahkan, selain gemar membaca Al quran, almarhum juga gemar berdzikir dan membaca shalawat. Disamping tidak pernah absen untuk melakukan shalat malam.
“Suka shalat malam juga,” ucap dia, menerangkan.
Siti Sumini sendiri mengatakan, ibunya saat hidup di dunia gemar sekali melakukan infaq maupun shodaqoh. Bahkan beberapa kali ibunya ditipu oleh orang yang menggarap lahan miliknya dengan cara bagi hasil, tapi selalu mengikhlaskannya.
“Ibu suka Shodaqoh saat hidup,” kata Siti Sumini, saat berada di kompleks Makam Sunan Bejagung Lor, Desa Bejagung, Kecamatan Semanding, Kabupaten Tuban.
Cerita lain, semasa hidup mendiang terkenal sebagai orang yang pandai bergaul. Bahkan beberapa orang yang saat itu dianggap sebagai sampah masyarakat pun menghormati beliau. Bahkan selalu menurut apabila dinasehati mendiang.
“Orang yang katanya tidak benar sama ibu dulu juga manut mas,” tambahnya.
Ketua Takmir Masjid, Ahmad Sholikin, juga mengatakan hal senada. Saat itu ada 17 makam terpaksa direlokasi dalam rangka perluasan Masjid Bejagung Lor. Pembongkaran dibagi dalam dua tahap, pada Minggu kemarin, pihaknya membongkar sembilan makam, dan sisanya akan berlangsung hari ini.
“Di hari pertama itulah, ada satu jasad wanita yang sudah meninggal 19 tahun tapi masih utuh dan mengeluarkan bau harum,” ujar Ahmad. [Widad/dbs]